McDonalds RMA Applicaiton

* Required

Terms and Conditions


Repairs are warranted for 90 days from the date of repair or the period remaining on the original warranty, whichever is greater.
Your are responsible for insuring any product being returned for service, and will assume the risk while in transit to TBG.

Non-Warranty Repairs

"Non-Warranty" items can be described as items that have been physically damaged, vandalized or faulty due to exposure to elements (liquid damage, fire damage, etc.). These will no be covered under any warranty.


TBG will charge a fee for all out-of-warranty repairs.

No Fault Found

TBG may charge for any return that is found to be free of defect. Fees for NFF returns are based on the labor to inspect and test.

Repair Rates

Out-of-Warranty and non-Warranty repairs rates will be determined as per the required repair. TBG will contact you with the estimated cost of repair (labor + parts + shipping).