Manufacturing Services

Bright Group manufacturing division is a now a leading supplier of contract manufacturing services, electronics goods and systems components, logistics and distribution services to key corporate accounts in telecommunications, traffic control, lighting, power distribution, electronic banking, EFTPOS, POS, marine, automotive, mining, gaming and wagering. While our clients may be diverse, our dedication to providing high quality product with the flexibility to be responsive to the most exacting technical demands is universally recognised.

Cable Assembly

The manufacture and assembly of electrical looms can be simple or elaborate with a strong dependency on accurate specifications. The TBG engineering team collaborate expertise to transform your ideas into sustainable solutions. The team also makes the necessary calculations to achieve tight tolerance on overall length and the length of breakouts. All forms of outer protection can be facilitated. Spinal wrap, split tube, plastic sheathing and heat shrink can also be supplied. Specialised labeling with identification markers are a standard feature of our looms

Turnkey Manufacturing

From a turnkey manufacturing prospective the reality is that TBG is a whole lot more than that. Over time we have developed or assisted our customers to engage in a vast range of new products and variations of existing products. All this is designed to create a point of difference for the customer.

Services we can offer from our manufacturing.

  • Level 4 cabinet manufacturer - Electronic Gaming Machine and industrial enclosure
  • Gaming Toppers - Manufactured to customer or TBG design
  • EGM Top Boxes - Manufactured to customer or TBG design
  • Cable looms - Electronic and electrical harness cable assemblies
  • Assembly - various components including module builds
  • Retro fit - modification of various products
  • ELP - Edge Lit Panels, as a replacement for fluorescent tubes and CCFL options as part of the attract and refurbishment process

However, despite a wide range of established products supplied to the gaming industry in general, TBG are constantly reviewing new and existing suppliers for better products, better supply, and new products and how they can be customized specifically to the gaming industry.

In summary, we are perhaps best described as turnkey manufacturer operating on a truly global plane with contract manufacturing and design expertise. We provide project management and mechanical assembly capabilities together with a significant framework of reliable, reputable supply chain ourselves. An ability and desire to work together with our customers in the manufacturing and supply chain arenas completes the broad brush picture of whom we are and where our specialties lie.

Global Supply-Chain

We have identified the need to focus more directly on adding value to the process. Steps taken in the past such as establishing a manufacturing facility in China, working closely with Osaka in Japan and opening a sales office in Las Vegas are all examples of adding value to the process.

We intend to continue this expansion in the coming year by adding warehousing space in Las Vegas and introducing assembly and some manufacturing and re-work capabilities. By introducing these components to our operations we see ourselves as being able to add value to an existing customer supply chain by providing a variety of options.

Some of these options include:

  • A greater integration into the customer's integration center
  • Providing final assembly capabilities in 3 global locations
  • Providing re-work and freight options globally
  • Providing warehousing and draw down requirements globally

Ideally our facilities in Sydney, China or Las Vegas would become an integral part of the supply chain process. Completed or semi-completed goods could be transported back and forth between the customer and TBG€s facilities both pre and post completion, not only adding value but increasing economies of scale and streamlining a worldwide process.

Warehousing / VMI

As a major supplier for OEMs in turn-key and upto level 4 product assemblies, we have become adept in assisting with the management of the supply-chain. Whether supply is budget or lead-time sensitive, TBG with the warehousing and staff in key locations globally is able adjust to customer's requirements with quick responses or managed solutions where required.