Manufacturing & Logistics

TBG is a discrete manufacturer and is a now a leading supplier of contract manufacturing services, electronics goods and systems components, logistics and distribution services to key corporate accounts in telecommunications, traffic control, lighting, power distribution, electronic banking, EFTPOS, POS, marine, automotive, mining, gaming and wagering.

While our clients may be diverse, our dedication to providing high quality product with the flexibility to be responsive to the most exacting technical demands is universally recognised.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Cable Harness and Moulded Cable Assembly
  • Product Assembly
  • Sheet Metal and Diecast Fabrication
  • Diecast and Moulded Plastics
  • PCB Assembly
  • Large Format Printing

TBG provides these manufacturing services either in-house or via partners. In-house capabilities also vary over our separate locations.
As of 2019 we have continued our invest to further our capabilities. TBG have further invested in CNC and 3D Plastics Prototyping capablities, Large Format Printing to supplement our development in Lighting Technologies and further expansion of our warehousing space in Las Vegas.

Turnkey Manufacturing

As a contract manufacturer TBG is able to take on manufacturing or assist in the design of a product from any stage.

Whether it be assisting the design from a concept to an item that is manufacturable or the final stages of assembly and testing, TBG is geared to assist.

We are able to offer project management and employ our well placed global resources to ensure that customers are getting the most effecient and cost effective solutions when manufacturing the product/s.

It is critical that we work with our customers closely to ensure all items meet required specifications.

Global Supply-Chain

We have identified the need to focus more directly on adding value to the process. Steps taken in the past such as establishing a manufacturing facility in China, working closely with Osaka in Japan and opening a sales office and factory in Las Vegas are all examples of adding value to the process.

Some of these options include:

  • A greater integration into the customer's integration center
  • Providing final assembly capabilities in 3 global locations
  • Providing re-work and freight options globally
  • Providing warehousing and draw down requirements globally

Warehousing / VMI

As a major supplier for OEMs in turn-key and upto level 4 product assemblies, we have become adept in assisting with the management of the supply-chain. Whether supply is budget or lead-time sensitive, TBG with the warehousing and staff in key locations globally is able adjust to customer's requirements with quick responses or managed solutions where required.

Product Service

As a product distributor for some OEM components TBG has been geared up to support these products. End-User enquiries and returns are handle by TBG's factory and technically trained staff.

Current we service Transact's range of printers from the industrial thermal printers currently deployed in Gaming TITO and wagering terminals to Transact's Restaurant Solution used by many McDonalds franchises.