Engineering Services

Our engineering team

We have created a niche market in the design and development of products for the OEM sector. With our design and engineering team we believe we are in a unique position of being able to either create and design a generic product or work with the customer to design a specific themed solution for a designated market.

Our professional and experienced engineers combine technical knowledge with the ability to thoroughly inform and assist our clients in making the ‘create VS buy’ analysis.

You get much more than a supplier

TBG follows all the technical specifications to detail and directly meet your industrial design requirements, but what’s more, is we think and act proactively at the same time. When we see potential we strive to reach it, using a vast wealth of experience to enhance standard designs, and encourage the further development of a project. We provide valuable feedback to further your company’s productivity and profitability.


Our commitment to further our range of innovations and products we offer to the OEM industry has stemmed into an in-house design capabilities. Our staff adept in designing TBG’s own product ranges to assisting with making concepts to manufacturing.

Solidworks is the chosen tool for our mechanical 3D designs.


  • Prototypes for review and functional evaluation.
  • All associated CAD data (3D models, 2D drawings etc) and List of long lead time parts.
  • All material and parts specifications
  • All RoHS and UL documentation.
  • All quality and test reports
  • Assembly instructions
  • Off-tool samples for review prior to production sign-off.
  • Any other supporting documentation and files deemed relevant to the supply
  • After the successful delivery of pre-production units, all mechanical and electrical/electronic parts as per product BOM.
  • Packaging and Logistics


As part of validation of designs by TBG we can offer:

  • Rapid Proto-typing for plastic designs
  • Tooled and off-tool samples
  • Sub-assembly product samples

Design for Manufacturing

TBG is first and foremost a manufacturer to the OEM industry. In this way our team of designers and engineers keep this in mind during the design phases for products. Designs are checked, prototyped and sampled for validation in the correct use of materials and mechanical accuracy.