Rabbit Eyes

Easily adaptable emergency/warning lighting solution.
Can be fit for any application.

  • Useful in any application where powerful warning lights are required
  • 10hrs of use from 2 AA Batteries
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Available in; Color code installation type, Magnetic Type, AC100V type

Illuminated Traffic Cones

  • Flashing ro steady LED Lighting.
  • Automatic flashing function when dark.
  • Easy fitting of illumination, using 2 wing-nuts.
  • Stackable, with LED system inside.
  • Made from durable EVA resin.

LED Cone Bar

  • Hi-vis colors for use in daylight, LED illumination for use during the night.
  • Illuminated by 12 high-powered LEDs.
  • Battery or AC100V
  • Battery can last for 70 hours.
  • On/Off Switch

Solar Aero Arrow II

  • Aero Dynamic profile prevents the Arrow from falling over.
  • Light-weight design for easy installation and removal.
  • Can be fitted with Solar unit (KPA-001)
  • Space effecient, can be stacked for storage.
  • Stable, and able to with stand some vibration


  • Connect to Solar Area Arrow II