TBG Topper Designs

TBG has taken many concepts from design to the production process. These are a few of our toppers, many of our topper designs have made their way to becoming proprietary products for our customs.


Hologram Toppers
The hologram fans in comparison to other holographic displays offer a bright holographic image. TBG have utilised this in our latest EGM Topper designs.


Magnum Video Toppers
Magnum Video Toppers offers similar aesthetics to the Magnum static artwork topper, ELP has been replaced by LCD panel for video display.


Magnum EGM Toppers
These toppers feature a RGB LED diffused halo surround and magnetic bezel to hold artwork in place making artwork replacement a breeze. Theuse of ELP panel and simple design allowed for this topper to be designed into many different shapes and also easily serviceable.

This Topper without a base has also been used as wall hanging sign outside of the EGM industry

MK3 EGM Toppers
MK3 Toppers offered options.
The surround bezel feature either a marquee style spot LED array or a diffused halo.
Also offered with as a single or double-sided topper


Glasses-Less 3D Topper
TBG Showcased the Glasses-Less 3D topper and 3D LCD Panels.


MK2 EGM Topper
Early versions of this topper utilised TBG's patented CCFL Illumination Technology. This was later replaced by LED Edgelit Panels to Illuminate the artwork. This change allowed for toppers with longer operational lives and better servicability.

The MK2 had been termed the Universal Toppers, needing little change to be implemented to differing EGMs.