Mk3 Topper

Mk3 Toppers

The MK3 Universal Toppers is the latest incarnation of TBG's Universal topper range. Following the shift to using the LED-lit planar in place of other forms of illumination. The LED-lit planar has allowed for a slimmer and more energy effecient lighting solution.

The MK3 Universal Toppers offers many options, including double-sided lighting for 2x artwork or rotating signage, all made available by the slimmer profile of the LED-lit planar.

Product Photos

Pictured -Single-Sided / Diffused Door (TBG-UNITOP-T07)
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  • Clean aesthetic design, injection moulded from light weight high impact polymers
  • Chrome plated door, black housing. (Customer may choose other options for housing and plating colours)
  • Choice of lighting sequences
  • Synchronisation of light sequences for multiple toppers
  • Artwork light by superior LED edge-lit planar panels.
  • Energy effecient using LED, without comprimising light effectiveness
  • Reduced maintenance with extended operating cycle (20,000 hours 24/7 operation)
  • Provision for mounting tower lights
  • Easy adaptive mounting to accomodate most EGMs with perpendicular mounting angles
  • One screw, easily remove door
  • No screws required for artwork replacement
  • All operational component accessible form the front door
  • Electrically safe low DC voltages (12Vdc or 24Vdc). power consumption under 15W


  • Width - 459mm
  • Base Width - 150mm
  • Height - 342mm (incl. mounting base)
  • Depth - 76mm (single sided configuration)
  • - 90mm (double-sided configuration)

MK3 Options

Single Sided
  • T07 - Diffused Door
  • T08 - Sport LED Door
Double Sided
  • T05 - 2x Diffused Doors
  • T06 - 2x Spot LED Doors
  • T09 - 1x Diffused Door, 1x Spot LED Door