Magnum Toppers

TBG's Magnum Topper range have been designed to be the easiest to use and smallest of all toppers.

With the Magnum Toppers artwork is placed directly over an evenly illuminated Edge-Lit-Panel (ELP). Held securely by magnets, making artwork replacements even easier.
The use ELP allows further customizations in size and shapes, with TBG soon to release a rectangular variation as part of the generic range of Magnun Toppers.

The lighter and thinner form factory also allows for the toppers to be used with out a base as a wall hanging display.

Product Images

T16 Rectangular
T17 Poly Shaped

  • Thinnest form factor of all toppers.
  • Magnetic artwork placement, for easy, completely-tool-less artwork replacement.
  • Halo effect surround lighting, with a multitude of light sequences available.
  • Dimensions: 444 x 360 x 110mm
  • Power Consumption: TBC
  • Lighting:
    • Back-Light LED Based ELP (24VDC or 12VDC), 117 x White LED
    • Halo Effect Surroung Bezel (73 RGB LEDs)
  • Artwork Dimemsions: 379 x 228 x 2mm
  • Contact TBG for more information