Mk2 Topper

The first of TBG’s range of toppers has recently been revamped. The new design now incorporates the more efficient and more cost-effective TBG C-Panel, LED based illumination, moving away from the original CCFL designs.
The Mk2 provides multi-enhanced visual impact with additional signage animation that highlights and adds excitement, drawing attention and players to your EGM.
The Mk2’s adaptive design allows for a range of cosmetic choices, allowing for a greater differentiation and visual impact.

Product Images

  • Clean aesthetic design, injection moulded from light weight high impact polymers
  • Chrome plated door, black housing. (Customer may choose other options for housing and plating colours)
  • Wide angle viewing of LED and illuminated artworks
  • Choice of lighting sequences
  • Artwork light by superior LED edge-lit TBG c-panels (replacing CCFL Illumination).
  • Energy effecient using LED, without comprimising light effectiveness
  • Reduced maintenance with extended operating cycle (20,000 hours 24/7 operation)
  • Provision for mounting tower lights
  • Easy adaptive mounting to accomodate most EGMs with perpendicular mounting angles
  • One screw, easily remove door
  • All operational component accessible form the front door
  • Electrically safe with double insulation and low voltage 12V or 24VDC operation.
  • UL and RoHS compliant
  • Dimensions: 440 x 337 x 105mm
  • Power Consumption: ~700ma
  • Lighting:
    • Back-Light LED Based TBG C-Panel (24VDC or 12VDC)
    • 28 LED surround marquee