Signage and Lighting Products

DSeeLabs range of holographic displays creates an image or video that appears to float in mid-air.

Hologram Fans

LED Screens commonly used when there is a need to display bright dynamic content or where large screens are required. The brightness of LED screens allow them to used outdoors even during daylight hours.

TBG sources a range of LED Panels and controllers to fit any requirement.

LED Screens

Large Format Printing

TBG has invested in a large-format printing facility to compliment our designs using static artworks and back-light artwork.

Our large format printing is offered using Roland's ECO-SOL inks. Which offers the greatest range of digital media and better color gamut that other large format printing technologies.

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Custom Design Signage and Lighting Solutions

Over the years TBG have developed numerous illuminated signage solutions for our customers.

Items designed by TBG include

  • Custom Light Boxes and other lighting solutions
  • Static and Video Based EGM Toppers
  • Edge-Lit Panel Replacements for Light Boxes
Customer Lighting