LED Screens

In the recent times LED screens have become popular for many video applications.
  • LED screens allow for large screens. Screens are made up of numerous panels and can be arranged for different display requirement.
  • Bright video displays, that can be used in outdoor applications in daylight, with no glare. Making LED screens the only video solution for very well-lit spaces.
  • LEDs have an expected life of 50,000+ hours continous use. Screens are also easily servicable as they are often modular. A broken pixel, would require only 1 panel to be replaced. A broken pixels on LCD screen even in just one area would the whole screen to be replaced.

TBG has numerous sources for LED screens and also has some input in the manufacture of the LED panels.

A recent addition has neen the flexible LED panels, this panel allows for screens to fit curves, rather than approximating a curve with numerous smaller panels.
The range of LED controllers now allow upto 8K video resolution, with remote access when connected to a network.

Due toe numerous variations of the LED panels and controllers we will currently be unable to list them here. Depending on the requirement the suggested panels and controllers to use will be different

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